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All About Us

RespondersPro CANADA is honoured to produce Custom Challenge Coins for those serving in our Police Services, Fire-Rescue Departments, EMS and in the Military in Canada. 

Our Commitment

At RespondersPro CANADA Our Greatest Commitment  is to our Customers.


We are privileged to design and manufacture Challenge Coins for in Police & Law Enforcement, Fire-Rescue, EMS and Military across Canada. We are committed to creating Challenge Coins, Patches & Badges and Products to reflect the Dedication First Responders


For 35+ years we have been passionately designing Premium Quality Custom Challenge Coins. Our dedication to details large and small as well as decades of experience allow us to create coins that honor and recognize those who receive them.


We are passionately devoted to equipping First Responders with exceptional Challenge Coins, Patches & Badges & Belt Buckles. Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering an unparalleled and Professional Customer Service experience in Canada.

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We're Here to Help

Since 1988 RespondersPro has enjoyed working with Police & Law Enforcement, Fire-Rescue, Firefighters and EMS Personnel, Military as well as Corporations across Canada..

Our Team understands that our products Honor and Recognize Canadian First Responders and we are committed to creating Select Quality Custom Challenge Coins, Patches and Badges, Photo Frames and Products.

Customer Service

Our sales team of specialized experts are based in Canada and work closely with you to simplify all stages of design and the ordering process.

Our production team has a depth of experience and practical knowledge and takes great pride in manufacturing quality and enduring custom products that reflect your unit, department and organization.  


RespondersPro CANADA remains dedicated to creating Canadian First Responder products that are made to the highest quality standards a.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, our team at are experts at creating unique and memorable products that represent your organization or team perfectly.

Our Vision

At our core, we are driven by a mission to serve First Responders across Canada with unparalleled products and customer service. We are committed to ensuring that our customers always feel valued and supported. Our vision is to remain as the ultimate go-to source for Canadian custom challenge coins and other commemorative items for First Responders.

Since 1988, our highly experienced creative and production team is dedicated to crafting custom products that not only reflect your unit, department, and organization but also stand the test of time. We take immense pride in manufacturing premium quality challenge coins, patches & badges, belt buckles and first responder photo frames that are as unique as your team's spirit and style.

Or Call   800-646-8834 

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