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We make Designing Custom Challenge Coins Easy at



Ordering Challenge Coins
Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Three easy steps on how to order Challenge Coins from



Tell us Details about your project: Size, Quantity, Design Ideas, Sketches, Emblems, Insignia or Artwork.


Our Artists work closely with you to get all details and your vision for your challenge coin. You receive a full & complete artwork proof for approval or to make any new changes as needed.


Simply sit back and relax. Your Amazing Challenge Coin, Patch, Badge, Lanyard, Lapel Pin, Medal or Belt Buckle will be with you very soon.

Challenge Coin Design - Brainstorming Concept & Design

  • Think about the purpose and function of your custom coin. Is it for honor and recognizing outstanding achievements & efforts?  Is it to commemorate a significant occasion or milestone event? 
  • What are the colours, emblems, insignia, motto, mascot for your unit, department or organizations colors, insignia, logo, motto?
  • Brainstorm ideas with your team. Some challenge coins may have very intricate designs and fine detail. Some may have printed images. Our artistic team work with your ideas, sketches, doodles and artwork.
Challenge coins serve as a profound reflection of our identity and values: camaraderie, collaboration, dedication, and service. When crafting a memorable and meaningful challenge coin, embrace creativity and excitement while keeping these essential aspects in mind.

6 Design Tips for Custom
Challenge Coins

When working with RespondersPro,  there are no restrictions on design. Here are 6 Easy Design Tips when starting out in the Design and Creative Steps for your Custom Challenge Coins.

  • Size and Shape - Even though Challenge Coins typically are requested in sizes from 1.5'' to 2.5'', we can make whatever size you prefer for your coin. And yes, even though the vast majority of challenge coins are round, we can desigin your coin in any shape and with cutouts as needed for the custom coin that you envision.

  • Weight, Texture, Look & Feel - it is a critical part of the design process to get the design features, texture, look and feel that is just right for your unique challenge coin.

  • Adding 3D to your design artwork - the addition of the element of 3D to the challenge coin  is a powerful design option that makes your custom challenge coin stand out from the rest.

  • Metal Plating - get creative with your metal plating. We have them all - gold, silver, bronze, copper, antiqued finishes in gold, silver, bronze, dual plating, black metal challenge coins come in a variety of metals, including gold, silver, bronze, and copper / antique finish in gold, silver, bronze / dual plating / black metal to make your coin 

  • Designing with color - RespondersPro works with the Pantone Color Match System, so feel free to add your choice of pops of color that match your organizations color palette, insignia colors or the colors that best fit your own unique personalization and style

  • Custom Packaging, Value Added Optional Extra - while in the creating phase, it's worth pausing to contemplate the inclusion of custom packaging as a value-added design element. Incorporating eye-catching packaging can significantly amplify the "Wow Factor" when showcasing your custom challenge coin and for special presentations.

Pantone Color Matching System
What is the Pantone Color Match System (PMS)?
 The Pantone Color Matching System, established in 1963, has become a global standard for precise color matching in design, custom manufacturing, and printing. PMS Color Match is a dynamic color-matching system that guarantees accurate and consistent color standards. With its reliability in identifying colors, quality control, and meeting design requirements, utilizes the PMS Color Match makes for every project specifications and applications.
Why we use the PMS Color Match for your project?​
At, we rely on the Pantone Color Matching System to ensure consistency and repeatability in all your current and future projects. With each color assigned a unique number and name, you can trust that our use of the PMS System guarantees accurate and precise color representation.
Custom Firefighter Challenge Coin designed with Pantone Color Match System Color wheel.

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