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Lapel Pin Clasp Options


When placing an order for your custom lapel pin, provides a wide range of pin clasp options to suit your specific needs. Our team is dedicated to discussing all of the pin attachment choices and providing design assistance. provides a large portfolio of standard and custom lapel pin attachment options.

Custom Lapel Pin Clasps

Metal Butterfly Clasp 


One of the widely favored pin attachments is the metal Butterfly Clasp, also known as the Military Clutch. It serves as our standard pin attachment and offers easy opening and closing functionality. Additionally, it is lightweight and works with all lapel pin designs..​


Deluxe Flat Top Clasp


The Deluxe Flat Top pin clasp is a highly favored upgrade for our custom lapel pins due to its secure locking mechanism and user-friendly operation.

Magnet Clasp


The Magnet Pin Clasp option adds a touch of sophistication to your custom lapel pin, securely fastening it to clothing without the need for any piercing. This feature enhances the overall perceived value of the pin, providing a seamless and elegant attachment solution.

Deluxe Ball Top Clasp


The Deluxe Ball Top pin attachment offers a sleek and elegant style while also providing added locking security. It is the perfect complement to your custom lapel pin creations, ensuring both visual appeal and protection.

Rubber Clasp  


Our rubber clasp pin backings offer an ideal solution for added comfort. In addition to providing a secure closure, their softer, smoother finish ensures a touch of comfort, particularly for those who enjoy wearing lapel pins on hats. Moreover, these rubber clasps are gentle on nails and perfectly suited for frequently worn lapel pins.

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