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Kansas Highway Patrol, KS

The Kansas Highway Patrol Challenge Coin serves as a distinctive and innovative means of paying tribute to the exceptional commitment of their officers, recognizing their dedication and commitment to their community.

Kansas Highway Patrol, KS

Service. Courtesy. Protection.

The Kansas Highway Patrol's Troopers, Capitol Police Officers, and Motor Carrier Inspectors, along with dedicated civilian personnel, diligently strive to enhance the well-being of citizens and travelers throughout Kansas. This dedicated and committed team is wholeheartedly devoted to delivering exceptional service that significantly improves the quality of life for all.

In partnership with RespondersPro, the Kansas Highway Patrol has crafted a sophisticated custom challenge coin featuring the State Seal, Eagle, and stars and stripes. This design showcases a beloved Highway Patrol Car against the backdrop of the expansive open landscape, symbolizing the Patrol's unwavering dedication to public safety and service.

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